Get In the Game with Visual Sports on the Heisman House Tour.

You take a 3-step drop before throwing the ball. You can feel the rush as you launch the football into the air - 10 yards, 40 yards, 80 yards! That incredible throw is right on target and lands straight into the hands of the receiver. You've done it - your team is heading straight toward the endzone.

It's College Football Season and NCAA teams are in full force playing during their final few weeks. You're a fan. We know. We can relate because so are we. You're glued to just about any TV screen or mobile device that will tell you the score or the latest plays. It's exciting and imagine if you could go even further and physically get in the game.

Take to the Field!

Right now it's also Heisman House Tour time and Nissan and ESPN are making 10 stops this year to help fans get to know the Heisman Trophy winners. Click here to view videos featuring past winners. It's a big deal - this coveted recognition is a marker for an outstanding College Football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. And each year Visual Sports is there to celebrate alongside award winning athletes, football players, coaches and fans!


We've all watched in awe over the years as these young players perform with incredible endurance and skill. From Heisman winners who went on to the NFL such as Reggie Bush of Detroit Lions (2005, USC) and Tim Tebow (2007, Florida) to Jameis Winston - youngest player to win the trophy (2013, Florida State) an up and comer - we've all risen to our feet and cheered them on.

Test Your Skills on our Simulators

Now, imagine experiencing that same feeling during a virtual game of play. During this year's Heisman House Tour, keep your eye out for the huge crowds and line ups of people ready to punt or throw the football like their trophy winning sports heroes.

In the approximately 100 x 70 foot Heisman House mobile tour, you will be able to be the next Bush, Tebow or Winston! These sports simulators unique to Visual Sports, will have you experiencing big excitement and put you in the action.


Come check us out and see if you've got what it takes to throw, place kick, or drop kick the ball like a pro in our Football Simulator. The simulator allows for instant replay, high score tracking and in-game distance and trajectory tracking - settling once and for all who the best player is. You will find us in the middle of the action at all locations on the tour.

See the Football Simulator in Action

You might not be the next Heisman Trophy winner, but your performance on the Visual Sports Football simulator will bring out some of the same traits, that these stellar athletes exemplify.

Now get in line, huddle up, and show them what you’re made of.

Interested in being part of Heisman History? After you’ve experienced the simulator, click here to vote for the next Heisman Trophy winner.

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